Silicone Facade

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Silicone Facade

Product Category : Facade Systems

Silicon facade systems are preferred when a complete glass appearance is desired. In this system, there are thin (16 mm) fuga gaps between glass cassettes.

Aluminum substructure is formed by vertical and horizontal carrier profiles. Euro Comfort F50 Facade Systems offer many alternatives for sub-construction.

First, the cassette profiles are placed in the frame according to the system details and then the insulating glass is bonded to the factory with special tests and then bonded with the distance determining band (Norton band) and bonding silicone.

This process is called Bonding and the cassette is completed.

The cassettes are fixed to the construction site by the cassette mounting wedges on the construction site.

Spandrel regions of the structural silicon facade can be made of aluminum composite panels or compact laminates, as well as film-coated double-glazing panels or heat-insulated panels made of film-coated single glass.