Shutter Systems

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Shutter Systems

Product Category : Blinds and Shutters

Nostalgia in your homes
The types of shutter systems where nostalgia meets functionality are at Egepen Deceuninck!

As an aesthetic element of our architectural culture with its traditional and nostalgic structure, it is one of the alternative solutions that can be used against adverse climate conditions.

Egepen Deceuninck, which combines aesthetics and function with maximum harmony in the designs it develops, presents the kinds of shutter systems that it develops for your home.

In shutter systems, with a special scissor system, the inner flaps can be opened forwards while the blades are closed. The shutters are divided into two groups according to the type of installation. White and laminated color alternatives can be applied in shutter systems. According to the characteristics of the space, the production of arched shutter systems is also possible.

Ege Profil Tic. and San. Inc. these patented shutter systems adapt to every PVC window system and can be used safely for years.


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