Photocell Door

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Photocell Door

Product Category : Automatic Door Systems

Automatic doors with photocell, radar and safety photocell which have entered our lives in the last 15 years and meet us in all kinds of buildings; It was used to manage pedestrian traffic and to provide aesthetics to our buildings. Nowadays, while aesthetic and prestigious view is not enough, energy resources are becoming more and more expensive and expensive, and the climate and climate of air-conditioned environments gain importance.

Many buildings such as hospitals, schools, airports, banks, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets are now a must.

With the economic crises experienced, consumers prefer economic products; In particular, firms' price and competition competition instead of competing to increase the quality of products and services has led to the introduction of many non-standard or non-standard photocell door mechanisms to our country.


It is the preference of those who think function and aesthetics together in architecture. Stylish appearance, advanced technology in production, fully automatic or semi-automatic and manual options are preferred.


One of the reasons why automatic sliding doors are preferred is air conditioning; In this way, automatic doors provide heat savings in winter and protects indoor air in summer.