Monoblock (Hidden) Shutter

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Monoblock (Hidden) Shutter

Product Category : Blinds and Shutters

Monoblock Shutter System makes your living space beautiful, provides high efficiency in insulation. It is possible to operate the Monoblock Shutter System by means of a corded mechanism, a motorized mechanism, a corded reducer mechanism or a rotary lever mechanism. It also has the ability to integrate mosquito nets in the same box. It can be produced in different colors.

Monoblok Roller Shutter Systems that provide perfect harmony to all kinds of projects, offers the solutions to your architectural and decorative expectations with its facade integrity design, natural wood pattern laminating coating options, aesthetic appearance and functionality.

The most important feature that separates PVC monoblock louvre systems from other louver systems is that they are mounted on windows rather than walls. For this reason, PVC monoblock louvers cannot be applied on existing PVC windows. Pvc When installing the window, the blinds are mounted on the window and mounted together with the window. For this reason they have been called monoblock.

Common Features of Monoblock Shutter Systems:

- Can be produced with wood pattern.

- It can be produced as manual blinds, electric motorized blinds (electric blinds) and controlled blinds.
- 52 mm and 39 mm. The coverslips may be PVC or aluminum.
- In-box styrofoam is used to increase insulation.
- PVC window safety is increased by the use of PVC louver systems. In particular, it is not possible to open the motorized roller shutters from the outside.
- The louver increases the thermal insulation of the existing PVC window system by 30%.

With the 19 cm roller shutter box, the maximum height of 220 cm can be closed, while the 21cm box can be covered with 240cm and the box with 23cm can be covered with open areas up to 260 cm. A roller shutter box can be applied to the 23 cm roller shutter box.