Legend PVC Window Systems

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Legend PVC Window Systems

Product Category : PVC Door and Window

Legend PVC Pencere Sistemi, 80 mm oturma genişliğine göre, 6 odalı olarak tasarlanmıştır. Sistemin tasarımında özellikle yüksek performans kriterleri göz önünde bulun­durularak, profiller en uygun yapı taşlarının bir araya getirilmesi ile oluşturul­muştur. Tasarım süreci, profilin yanı sıra, pencere performansı olarak, yalıtm (ısı ve ses), mukavemet, sızdırmazlık özellikleri bütünsel olarak değerlendirilmiştir. Sistemdeki profiller, TS5358-EN12608 standardına uygun olarak üretilmektedir.


The Legend PVC Window System is designed to bring together the most important building blocks of the window in order to provide the best thermal insulation for your space. Low heat and conductivity coefficient (Uf) is aimed by combining the system with 80 mm platform, 6 chamber and 3 gasket (middle seal) concepts. The value of the Uf of the Legend PVC Window System; 1.18 W / m2K. In particular, the configuration of the system at a width of 80 mm allows for triple glazing applications at a low Ug value (0.6-0.7 W / m 2 K) with a glass thickness of 44 mm. In this way, the thermal conductivity value of your window is the value of the superior U window with the combination of the profile section and the thermal values of the glass. (* Uw: 0.95 W / m'K)


The support plates in the profiles in the Legend PVC Window System have high static values. Thus, in the regions where the wind load is high, the most suitable profile and sheet is determined by considering the static calculations to be made. The fact that the plates have a high static strength makes it possible to increase the area of view in the system.


The system has a wide range of products. Standard frame, molded frame, common, static joint, wing and drip wing options, inside and outside the door wing profiles and wing adapter system will take place in the main profiles. In addition, there are a number of rich helper profiles to create solutions to many specific details. 90 corners, angled corners, grease and facade profiles, upgrades, casing extensions, closures and moldings.


24, 30, 36 and 44 mm glass thickness applications can be made on PVC windows and doors. Legend PVC Window System, Egepen Deceuninck 's color options to benefit from the rich color alternatives to offer solutions to suit all tastes.

* The window value depends on the window size and the characteristics of the glass.

Technicial SpecificationsTechnicial Specifications

Profile Width: 80 mm
Number of Cubes: 6
Number of Gaskets: 3 (with Medium Seal)
Gasket: TPE Gray / Black
Lath: Single Cut - PCE Seal
Glass Thickness: 24,30,36,44 mm
Standard: TS 5358 - EN 12608-Class B
Heat Conductivity Number of Floors: Uf: 1.18 W / m2K

Legend PVC Window meets the expectations of consumers with rich color options.

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