Hebeschiebe 76 Pvc Sliding System

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Hebeschiebe 76 Pvc Sliding System

Product Category : PVC Door and Window

Let your vision go deeper!

The most elegant way to open wide facades out; Hebeschiebe 76 / PVC Sliding Systems

By providing a wide angle of view, you can combine your doors opening to your terrace, balcony and gardens with the outside world without dividing your view, adding value to your spaces and opening and closing with a single move without any difficulty.

In the design of the Hebeschiebe 76 / PVC Sliding System, the concept of isolation in both profiles and details is prioritized. The wings are 76 mm wide and have 4 chambers. With the use of reinforcement steel with high inertia moment value in the wings, joinery can be made in wide openings. As a lower case, it is possible to use both aluminum case and PVC case. Using special seals in the system, the system is intended to give excellent isolation. In the system, glass application up to 45 mm thickness can be made.

With Hebeschiebe 76 / PVC Sliding Systems, Egepen Deceuninck offers a wide range of color solutions to suit all tastes.

  Hebeschiebe 76 Pvc Sürme Sistemi