Folding Door Systems

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Folding Door Systems

Product Category : Folding Doors and Glass

Folding Door Systems, which are the most elegant way to connect your living areas to balconies, terraces or winter gardens, bring nature to the front of your door by creating large spaces. This system, which improves your comfort by refreshing your interior spaces and practical use, adds a perfect sound and heat insulation to your life.

They are fast, durable, economic doors that are not affected by external conditions. Provides extremely high efficiency and low operating costs.

Folding doors also have a aesthetic aesthetic advantage. When choosing your own high-speed door, let us offer you unusual options that fit any exterior appearance.

The 8m wide and 6m high folding door opens at a speed of up to 2 m / s; thus, it plays an active role in energy saving.

In the case of optional options, we come across a versatile option table. There are many options to adapt your folding door to your desired appearance with various wing sections, bar arrangements and brackets.

The folding doors are made of aluminum and steel, which correspond to the highest quality standards. The door panel is made of stainless aluminum and is equipped with a single acrylic panel that allows a large amount of daylight into the building. The two-panel insulating coating offers excellent heat and insulation properties.