Decor Blinds Storbox

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Decor Blinds Storbox

Product Category : Blinds and Shutters

Your Places Both Beautiful, Insulated:

Decor Blinds With Storbox 2000 System, pleasing and more insulated!
Egepen Deceuninck Decor Blinds The Storbox 2000 is a practical and aesthetical system. Negative weather and noise outside, your peace of mind.
Decor Blinds Storbox 2000 System, produced in two different sizes as 165 mm and 200 mm. In addition, 165 × 200 mm and 200 × 235 mm boxes for thermal insulation are also in the system.
Aegean blinds and mini blinds. This system; It can be easily applied to single window, door top and multi-blind applications. Also, it can be combined with riding mosquito nets or roller flapper. 

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