Automatic Barriers

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Automatic Barriers

Product Category : Automatic Door Systems

Wrought iron iron doors and decorative garage doors with remote control smart systems or automatic opening and closing mechanisms provide both space security and an aesthetic appearance to your place.

Buttons or remote controls can be preferred in automatic barrier systems that can be used in factories, sites, villas, indoor and outdoor car parks and can work with tickets if desired. Warning lights in the dark provide extra security.

Automatic barrier is designed to control vehicle entry and exit of parking areas. Thanks to its advanced control electronics, it can be controlled by remote control, button control, card reader electronics (Magnetic, Proximity, Mifare, KGS, OGS) and any type of access control system.
With the awareness that safety is of paramount importance, it is possible to connect the safety photocell and the magnetic loop detector.

After the vehicle passes, the barrier can be closed with automatic closing system with time adjustment. In addition, manual operation of the automatic barrier arm is possible mechanically.