Aluminum Joinery

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Aluminum Joinery

Product Category : Aluminum Systems

Aluminum systems with a wide range of colors can always remain new with their easy cleaning feature.

Aluminum joinery systems are preferred because of their durability, durability, flexibility and different application options. Pivot, outward opening and folding door systems can be applied in windows and doors. Resistant to sun, wind and rain, aluminum joinery systems are supported by double glazing systems and achieve very good values ​​in insulation. Aluminum systems with a wide range of colors can always remain new with their easy cleaning feature.

Aluminum sliding systems:

Rustic (decorative)
HV (concealed wing)
Classic (straight)
Softline (round)
Altbau (block)
Reko (renovation)

Aluminum Usage Areas
Structural components made of aluminum are indispensable for the aerospace industry. It is widely used in transportation and construction industry requiring light weight and high strength properties. Aluminum is a soft and light metal and matt silvery color. This color is due to the thin oxide layer formed on it when exposed to air. Aluminum is non-toxic and non-toxic. It doesn't spark. While the tensile strength of pure aluminum is approximately 49 megapascal (MPa), this value increases to 700 MPa when alloyed. Its density is about one third of steel or copper. It can be easily forged, machined and cast. It has superior corrosion properties because the oxide layer formed on it is protective.

Benefits of aluminum flour
It is not affected by sun rays, can be used in any climate, does not rust.It is 3 times lighter than steel. It can be easily shaped. There are many options. It is environmentally friendly, it is possible to recycle again and again. It does not perspirate in heat insulation, it is decorative, it has endless life, it does not rebut, it does not bring any additional expenditure throughout life.

Their alloys are even more durable than steel.
Stainless yellowish resistant.
Steel is 3 times lighter than Copper and Brass.
Reflects light perfectly.
It can be produced in high quantity in the same quality.
Aesthetic and can be painted to any color.
Does not generate sparks and toxic gases during fire.
Resistant to cold.
It is fully recyclable.
It is environmentally friendly from production to consumption.
Design flexibility is endless.
Decorative and easy to carry.