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Egepen Deceuninck, which has the broadest product portfolio in the PVC profile sector, performs production in Izmir in a closed area of 36 m2 with its equipment pool having a capacity of 50 thousand tones, during which it never concedes on its production quality at world standards. Egepen Deceuninck, which is known as "Turkey's Windows" with its domestic & overseas investments and its broad product portfolio, increases living comfort with quality and innovative products.

Egepen Deceuninck, which attaches priority to availability and customer satisfaction, can deliver products to end-users with its broad networks in all regions of Turkey. Through new products, technologic improvements, training seminars for dealers, applied business administrations trainings and technical publications, it meets customer expectations at the highest level.

Egepen Deceuninck, which has the broadest product portfolio in the PVC sector and which is renowned as "Turkey's Windows" in terms of isolation and quality, provides comfort and confidence for our live with its concept that is based on innovation, environmental friendliness and customer satisfaction.

Egepen Deceuninck shall always continue improving the sector its providing service to as well as improvement, designing new products, creating employment and contributing to our national economy.

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